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  •  Moisture: between 15-30 %
  •  Shelf Life: 12-18 months depending on the moisture content and storage conditions
  •  Shipment: reefer container. 
  •  Description: sweet and soft with a heavenly taste
  •  Pound:
  •  Grade: Fresh ( Max 50 per/lb)/ Semi dry ( Max 60 per/lb)/ Dry & wrinkled
  •  Taste: Sweet
  •  Place of Origin: Kerman (Bam), Iran

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About Us

Diar dates Company is the house of best quality Dates Fruit located in Iran; the heart of middle east. The vision of company is to deliver the excellent grade of dates to every one’s home in the globe. Through the journey of the expansion from its’ original country in middle east toward Asia, Diar dates has been always committed to provide the unique varieties of dates to all the main Asian countries like Iran, Oman, UAE, Russia and China. The company’s mission is to expand its’ unique and most reliable brand of dates internationally.